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Opt for a sustainable ceremony,

in search of a renewed and eternal contact with the Earth

With more than 25 years of experience, Urnature specializes in the manufacturing of biodegradable urns.


  • Urns are made from a mixture of different 100% natural elements and clays

  • Ecological and 100% biodegradable

  • Easy dissolution and 100% soluble in water

  • Its decomposition does not pollute the environment

  • Adaptability to non-aqueous environment without affecting its shape

  • Can be kept at room temperature

  • Exclusive combination of quality and design

  • Wide range of designs and colors


Urn Uses:

  • Submerge in seas and rivers

  • Incorporate into land and bury with a tree sapling

  • Display in columbarium

  • Display at home

Please contact us If you're interested in becoming a distributor for Urnature products.

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