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The Love You Feel Is the Love You Keep

Pet Memory is one of the newest and greatest innovations for honoring your cherished memories of your beloved pet. Made in Brazil, these elegant, treasured keepsakes can be personally decorated with love and affection to pay tribute to your cat or dog with dignity and respect. It also features an object holder to keep cremated ashes or favorite meaningful items inside as a beautiful precious keepsake.

Use your Pet Memory as an elegant, beautiful decoration in your home! With its clean design and finish, it can be used in any environment.

Object Holder
Store cremated ashes, small toys. or favorite objects of sentimental value in the Pet Memory compartments in the head and body.



The Pet Memory comes in the shape of a dog or cat in a variety of colors:  white, black, glossy gold, matte gold, or rose gold.


Each Pet Memory is accompanied with a user-manual and includes spatula to be used to open the back of the body to store cremated ashes of your pet, and on the back of the head, representing memories, to store your pet’s favorite, most intimate items.


The Pet Memory includes space on the necktie for you to personalize and write your beloved pet’s name. For even greater personalization, this product comes with a tube of acrylic paint to decorate it as well as mark it with your pet’s pawprint. Just spread the ink on a sheet of paper, lightly press the paw on the ink 2 or 3 times and then press the paw only once on the object. If it smears, just clean the piece immediately with a damp cloth, and repeat the procedure.


NOTE:  Acrylic paint can be used on the paw and can be easily removed with soap and water. After applying the paint to the piece and the drying time is complete, the paint will not be easily removed.



Each Pet Memory is accompanied with a user-manual, spatula, and tube of acrylic paint for decorating. Made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), a strong and very resistant plastic component, the beauty of this material demonstrates the feeling of quality, resistance, and protection for this product. This product has a high-tech metallization paint, free of heavy metals, which guarantees resistance and durability, preserving the hue for a prolonged time. The details of expressions such as eyes, ears, mouth, mustache, and paws are made of resin.

Please contact us if you're interested in becoming a distributor for Pet Memory.

Pet Memory
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