Limited Quantity in Stock and Ready to Ship​ 
  • N95 and KN95 masks now on federal and national lists to be sold to only medical suppliers. The European standard FFP2 masks are the only whitelisted models permitted to enter the USA and Canada for all non-medical suppliers and wholesalers. Buying a mask backed by legitimate documents is extremely important!

  • FFP2 respirator protective face mask with CE 2163 full certification

  • FFP2 mask is a European certification industry-standard similar to the American N95 and Chinese KN95 Chinese certifications providing equivalent levels of protection as the N95 respirator

  • ​PFE (particulate filtration efficiency) >95% of airborne particles including large and small particles including bacteria, viruses, pollution particles, fine particles, dust, smog, pollen, and reduces the risk of bacteria and viral infections.

  • 3D foldable design, ear loops, nose bridge/nose piece, and provides an excellent comfortable fit and tight seal

  • Features 4-layers of protection, and are skin-friendly so they do not cause rash and skin irritation

Limited Quantity in Stock and Ready to Ship​
  • Single-use safety face shield that protects the eyes, nose, and mouth from splatters, aerosols, and sprays.

  • Optically clear, anti-fog, and anti-static 

  • Soft padded foam headband relieves pressure and makes this light-weight shield comfortable and easy to wear for an extended period of time. 

  • Adjustable elastic band

  • Can be worn with or without a face mask or glasses

  • Made of a high-quality durable polyester fabric passing level 2 AND level 3 requirements for protection, tested by a third-party (Testing information is available upon request)

  • Cost savings!! Easily washed and reused up to 30-50 times, reducing the cost to about $1 per gown

  • Eco-friendly and reusable reducing the amount of waste to landfills

  • MADE IN THE USA! Supports the local economy and keeps Americans employed

  • PNP can provide you with disinfectants, and customized reusable and disposable gowns, aprons, and coveralls, face masks, N95 respirators, gloves, head and shoe covers, safety glasses/goggles, face shields, and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) items.

  • Digital Wooden Box Urns

  • Limbo Biodegradable Urns

  • Memento Memorial Cremation Ashes Gemstones and Jewelry

  • Meets CDC requirements for killing the coronavirus and has added germicidal ingredients

  • Contains 70% isopropyl alcohol, as well as additional disinfectants for broader germicidal coverage

  • Kills harmful bacteria and viruses that cause infection and odor

  • Excellent for cleaning and disinfecting instruments and any hard surfaces such as tabletops, counters and floors

  • Specially formulated for cleaning, disinfecting, and pre-embalming treatment of the mouth, nose, and other body openings

  • Neutralize body fluid

  • Purify mortuary waste water free from toxic by-products and microorganisms

  • Available in cases of 12 - 16 oz. bottles or gallon jugs

  • Disinfectant water tablets for residual water and to purify mortuary discharge

  • Neutralize body fluid

  • Kill harmful bacteria and viruses that cause infection and odor

  • Purify mortuary waste water free from toxic by-products and microorganisms

All PPE Sales Final:  Due to necessary health and safety precautions, all PPE product sales are final and have a no return or refund policy. Shipping and handling is non refundable. Any shipping delays are fully responsible by shipping courier.

Photos are for reference only, Due to extremely high demand and scarcity of PPE products, same-model products may be sourced and shipped from different suppliers based on availability.

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Reusable Isolation Gown Front

Reusable Isolation Gown Front