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An Immersive Museum Exhibition Dedicated to Latino Immigrants

Superblue Miami |  September 15 - 30, 202

The American Passport Experience (AP) is a project dedicated to celebrating Latino Immigrants through art, community, and cutting-edge technology. AP is an immersive museum exhibition devoted to the Latino immigrant Cultura, Courage, y Fe (Culture, Courage, and Faith) – a vision by artist Alejandra Estefania in collaboration with other Latino creatives.


AP transforms Latino stories through:

  • Cinematic Documentation

  • 3D Interactive Holograms

  • Original Music

  • Immersive Art

AP will observe Hispanic Heritage Month in September during the two-week exhibition (September 15-30, 2024) at Superblue Miami – the largest immersive art exhibition located in Wynwood with roughly 400-1,200-foot traffic daily. The customer demographic is Latinos, both American and foreign-born between the ages of 12-60 years of age. 13% of AP's proceeds will help Latino immigrants in obtaining their American Citizenship.







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Live Storytelling | Panel of Powerhouse Latinas |BACARDÍ Rum Experience

Superblue Miami | September 14, 2023

The American Passport Experience project, proudly sponsored by Bacardí, unveiled an unforgettable evening of storytelling at Superblue, offering a sneak peek of the highly anticipated American Passport Exhibition in September 2024. This American Passport Experience, Roundtable Conversation event was a vibrant celebration of Latino stories, embracing the raw and authentic narratives that enrich the tapestry of American life. The evening commenced with a Complimentary Bacardí cocktail rum experience and Half Moon empanadas, accompanied by a saxophone player and DJ.

A standout moment of the evening was Alejandra Estefania's debut poetry performance, the visionary behind the American Passport. Her poetry embarked the audience on an emotional journey, shedding light on her immigrant experience and deep connection to her culture in the United States.


The heart of the event resided in the open dialogue, skillfully moderated by Alejandra, with a panel of powerhouse Latina women sharing their truth. The conversation navigated through the complexities of cultural identity, family, and careers. Attendees actively engaged in a vibrant Q&A session with the panelists, deeply moved by the authenticity of the conversations.


Host and Panelists:

● Alejandra Estefania (Host): Visionary Artist of The American Passport Experience.

● Francesca de Quesada: Chief Economic Development and Innovation Officer of Miami-Dade County.

● Shantelle Rodriguez: Superblue's Director of Experiential Art Centers.

● Tamara Béliard Rodriguez: Co-owner of Island TV (A Fatima Group Company).

What made this event truly exceptional was the unwavering dedication to cultural representation. All staff members, artists, and creatives involved in bringing this event to life come from Latino heritage, emphasizing the significance of celebrating and embracing diversity.

Media Contact:

Christy Cancio Executive Producer,


Press Release:  American Passport Live Storytelling Event



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